Jewelry Care

Our pieces are designed to be a lasting piece in your wardrobe but the tips below can help keep our pieces looking like the first day you received it.

Store your jewelry separately (or with other pieces that won’t scratch it) in a cool, dry place, like a jewelry box or the pouch your piece came in. Don’t let sterling silver pieces sit in the direct sun or in humidity, as those conditions will tarnish the silver.

Apply any lotions or perfumes before putting your jewelry on.

Best to remove pieces before entering the ocean or swimming pools. Your jewelry is safe to wear in the shower, but just take care not to snag or catch your pieces. Be sure to gently dry your pieces after showering.

Clean your pieces occasionally by wiping gently with a jewelry polishing cloth. If a sterling piece has tarnished too much to clean by wiping, this is my favorite way to remove tarnish (don’t use that method if the piece has stones, as the boiling water can crack them).

Cleaning oxidized silver pieces
To remove any tarnish on oxidized pieces, use a small piece of steel wool or Scotch Brite and run in a circular motion. This will remove any tarnish while restoring the matte finish.