Thinking of You

a woman wears a silver cuff-style bracelet with words stamped into it

(Originally posted March 2020)

Wouldn't it be a total delight to receive a surprise personalized bracelet in the mail right now? Make someone smile by sending them a Thinking of You Bracelet. I'll stamp any message (limit 35 characters including spaces) on a sterling silver cuff bracelet and send it off to your loved one. 

Some ideas:

—Give someone a message of love, support, or encouragement

— Make someone laugh by putting an inside joke on it

—Inspire or someone with BREATE, BE STILL, SMILE, I LOVE YOU, or KINDNESS

—If we want to get right to the point, we can just straight up stamp F*CK COVID-19 on it.

As you can imagine, my business has slowed way down. I am selling these custom bracelets for $40 each, which is the lowest price I can offer. Purchasing one of these will do two things: support my small business and brighten someone's day. 
I have set up an at-home studio, and my family and I have been staying at home. I will disinfect pieces before shipping out. These will take a few days to ship, as I will only be going to the post office once a week, to limit outings.

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