Scheming for a YES

Scheming for a YES

One of the best things about being a jeweler is getting the "she (or he!) said yes" messages. There's something about being in cahoots with someone-- scheming the design and execution of a big dream in the form of a small beautiful thing, that makes engagement ring projects so fun, rewarding, and heartwarming. 

Here are two custom-designed engagement rings that I made this spring. Both have now been given, and I'm happy to report that they were both received with resounding yeses.

This first ring was the result of a client asking for for a ring with a natural feel, a band that reflects their love of the ocean, and prongs that mimic the mountains they love to hike together. We used a rose-cut salt-and-pepper diamond that is captured by tiny mountain-shaped prongs (see second image). The ring was carved in wax, and the band features tiny waves and textures of the ocean, and the entire piece has a velvety matte texture. 


 The second custom engagement ring of Spring of 2021 was a reinvention. We started with an heirloom opal ring. The client wanted an updated design but she also to preserve the vintage feel (second pic is of the original ring). We set the opals in white gold and framed them with leaves on either side. Milgrain detailing (tiny, dotted edges around the leaves that are too small to see in this photo) upped the retro factor.  

I have a couple more custom engagement rings booked for the fall. Those are on hold for now, though, and will eventually be crafted post cross-country move, in my San Diego studio! 



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  • Suzanne Briggette

    LOVE this salt and pepper diamond ring! Congratulations on your San Diego adventure, we will miss you and follow your journey!

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