From 235 to 2: A love Story from the Pandemic

From 235 to 2: A love Story from the Pandemic

(Originally published March 21, 2020)

Nikki and Devlin came to the Wedding Ring Workshop last July. They spent the day making the most gorgeous wedding bands, and I got to hear their love story (it's adorable!). They showed me the incredible video of his proposal (hard to beat his romantic and touching plan!), and they told me all about what they want their wedding day to be like (it sounded just perfect). 

Well, last weekend was their wedding date and, as you may have guessed, it didn't go exactly as they had dreamed it would. The venue closed, and from there everything else was canceled. They scrambled to make alternative plans, but when gatherings over 25—then 10— people were prohibited, they knew there wasn't going to be a way to share their special day with friends and family. The 235 guests were whittled down to just 2: the bride and groom.

They found a chapel and a reverend who agreed to perform the ceremony, a florist who was willing to make her a bridal bouquet on the fly, they donned their wedding garb, married! After the ceremony, they bought a little cake right out of the bakery case, stuck their wedding cake topper on it and voila! makeshift wedding cake for two.

Nikki wrote about the day, "what transpired was an intimate moment that we will remember forever."

For them, when everything got stripped away (including the loss of thousands of dollars) they realized they were still standing together in the true meaning of it all: commitment, resilience, and love. And a great story to tell their grand kids! 

Congrats to N & D!

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