A Story-Worthy Engagement Ring

A Story-Worthy Engagement Ring

(Originally posted March 25, 2020)

In September, Brett came to my studio with a ring he had inherited from his great grandmother. It was an antique stunner, complete with the original heart-shaped box that it came in. I could tell he had reverence for this family heirloom, but he knew that it wasn't the right style for his future fiancee, Sam. He asked me if I could remove the diamond and make a more modern engagement ring that was just right for Sam, but still paid tribute to the inherited ring, and the women who wore it. 

We collaborated, sketched, emailed, and he got opinions from Sam's inner circle and, finally, we had a design the Brett felt really reflected her style and personality. He decided on a modern six-prong platinum setting that would feature little baubles and millgrain detailing— both were design elements that were featured prominently in the inherited ring.

The first challenge was to remove the bezel-set diamond without destroying the ring. This ring felt like a piece of history in my hands, and I was able to get the antique diamond out with minimal damage — whew!

Next I carved a new setting in wax and sent it off to be cast in platinum.

Once I had the (wonky, uneven, extremely rough) platinum setting back in my hands, I fabricated the band, soldered the setting on, and cleaned everything up.

Then I applied the millgrain— the tiny dotted detail that is so common in antique jewelry.

Brett picked up the ring a few days before they were leaving for a week-long vacation in Spain.

He told me about his plan to propose in Barcelona, and how he had arranged for a photographer to be there, secretly taking pictures of the big moment. He was going have the ring in the antique heart-shaped box when he popped the question.

Of course Sam said yes. I mean, just LOOK at this moment the photographer captured!

Heartfelt congrats to Sam and Brett! Wishing them a lifetime of health, love, and happiness.

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