A New Studio! Again.

A New Studio! Again.

A lot has happened over the past couple of months that I haven't updated you on, but the highlight is that I moved my studio. Again!

The shared space I occupied at the San Diego Craft Collective was great for so many reasons, and being part of group of creative, smart women making exciting things happen in the craft world was the best. But, the shared space was not ideal for me to teach the Wedding Ring Workshops, and those are a BIG part of my business. I had my name on the wait list for the dream spot at Liberty Station, and in December my name came up! I could move in on February first. 

The space is the perfect size (324 sq ft) -- big enough to teach, and small enough to force me to keep from accumulating too much junk (unlike my old studio in MA). There's just enough room for all my equipment, and a bonus space in front that I've made into a little store front. It's sunny, and I have a pretty sweet view of the downtown San Diego skyline. Quiet it is not, as my building is located right at the end of the runway of the airport, but I make the best of it by utilizing my flight tracker app to see where all the planes are headed (it's Vegas. There are a surprising amount of Vegas-bound flights).

My space is at Liberty Station, a former Naval Training Center-turned-destination that includes the Liberty Station Arts District. You can read about the history here. All of the beautiful 1920's Spanish Colonial Revival buildings were brought back to their original glory, and filled with artist and creative small businesses. My studio is in Barracks 14 (Suite 210) and features the original concrete floor that I imagine was mopped (swabbed? haha) daily by the new recruits.

Visitors are invited upstairs in all the barracks, where they can meet working artists, ask questions, shop, or just explore. Aside from the artists, there are lots of restaurants, bars, shops, performance spaces, a permanent vintage market, and tons of green space to sit and enjoy some sunshine (and there's almost always some of that). 

Whether you live in San Diego or are vacationing here, if you visit Liberty Station, I hope you stop by to see me, too! 



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